Cool Tools - Sharing Files

Need to share a file but it is too large to send via email? Consider using one of the following online tools:

    • Share files by creating sharing points online: upload file by Web, email, phone, fax, and more.
    • Can password protect files and set expiration date for drop pickups.
    • Free and Feeware.
    • Free for drops less than 100 MB.
    • No registration required.
    • Take a tour at: tour or see uses of for more information.
    • Share files by uploading to YouSendit. Recipient is notified by email to download from YouSendit site.
    • Free and Feeware - inlcuding Pay Per Use option.
    • Free account limits file size to 100 MB.
    • Registration required.
    • Several application Plug-Ins available but not required.
    • Take a tour at: YouSendIt tour.
  3. UUHSC Sendit for University of Utah employees conducting official University of Utah business
    • Share files "for official business between University of Utah employees and their colleagues/vendors only."
    • Free.
    • Restricted to University of Utah email for official University of Utah business.
    • Size limit: 1000MB.

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